Non Development Environment Considerations

Once you generate an application with fastCode, you may need to make further code changes to the application to meet your functional and non-functional requirements. Once you have completing the development of the application and want to deploy it to other environments such as production, you need to consider the following aspects

Back-end Spring Boot API

Whether you want to deploy locally or to the cloud, Spring Boot has a number of deployment options. You can find these various deployment options at this link.

Additionally, the generated application has a test and prod profiles.

You first need to change the following property in the file: dev. Change this to either test or prod

Front-end Angular UI

The Angular team at Google provides guides that you can use to better understand how to build and deploy Angular applications. This guides discusses the options for building and serving an Angular application. This guide discusses the options for options for deploying Angular applications.


When you generated the application, you have already specified the location of your database. You can always change the location, but please ensure that the database schema at the new location is the same as that you have used to generate/update the application.

Cube.js Reporting Add-on

If you have chosen to include reports & dashboards add-on when generating/updating the application, you need to ensure that you follow further instructions on how to deploy Cube.js to non-development environments. fastCode uses the open source Cube.js project to provide you reports & dashboards functionality.

This document discusses how to deploy the Cube.js server that's included in the generated application to non-development environments.